ERPNext Manufacturing

Manufacturing Module

Take the headache out of your manufacturing processes with this built in module. It will manage everything from production to distribution


Bill Of Materials

Maintain the list of all materials and operations that are required in making your finished product. Assign cost to each material and get insights of the total cost of production. Be on top of the materials required during production in real time.


Production Orders

Track the orders for production floor, automatically track material movements as ERPNext interlinks production orders, bill of materials and inventory. Track the progress with timesheets and record successful production by registering finished goods.


Inventory Management

Easily manage multiple inventory locations. Track inventory levels per warehouse and update based on manual inspection. Batches, serial numbers, stock valuation and automated inventory accounting help you be on top of stock.


Sales and Purchase Management 

Make purchase requests for all materials required for production. Send automatically to concerned suppliers. Manage inventory of finished goods at the end of production and automatically link it to sales and accounting.


Auto Re-Ordering

When the stock goes below threshold quantity – Automatically raise material requests, send purchase orders to suppliers and record purchase receipts. Carry out effective stock management always have enough supply at hand.